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Mid-America Manufacturing maintains Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and certification according to the Joint Certification Program (JCP).

With little more than manufacturing knowledge and a desire for the challenge, Mid-America Manufacturing was chartered as a corporation and began operation in early 1995 in a new 6,000-sq. ft. building with a compliment of tool room type startup equipment. There were no customers, just a business plan, a few employees, and a commitment to the hard work to make it successful. Since that beginning the business has grown considerably in terms of customers, sales, employees, and floor space, but we are generally the same company.

We consider ourselves to be a premier manufacturing job shop. We are a precision machining company that offers a full range of services including precision CNC machining (milling & turning), prototype machining, tool room machining, and engineering design and build of tools, jigs, fixtures, gages, special equipment, and other items per customer request.

Machining has been our primary business at Mid-America Manufacturing. That is what we knew, that is where our experience was. The founders of Mid-America had years of experience in manufacturing / production management, process development and troubleshooting, tool & fixture design, and figuring out how to make tough parts. They brought a basic ability to really understand what a customer wants, needs, or is struggling with. They had an intuitive sense that gave the initial customers a feeling that Mid-America knows what they are doing. That, and the good jobs done earned the trust of our customers and they came back for that reason. They spread our name to others and they kept coming back for the same reasons. In general, we knew what our customers wanted and we delivered. We believe that is still true today.

What do customers want from Mid-America Manufacturing? Generally, the same things we want with a purchase: a quality product, when its wanted, and at a fair price. Is this reasonable? We think so, and those expectations drive our business. If we can accomplish these objectives, we are succeeding.

We understand that today our customers want supplier partners that are willing to take on more responsibility and be accountable. Collectively, our employees have built a company that is positioned well to do this. Although machining gave us our beginning, we understand the need to provide other services such as heat-treat, grinding, lapping, finishing operations, and assembly. Many of these services we offer in-house today. Where necessary, we have qualified partners that allow us to satisfy such needs. When appropriate, we have and will add equipment and processes that allow us to better serve customer needs. We are positioned for and embrace growth by having or adding the appropriate resources – whether it is land, building space, equipment, or people resources. We are always excited to discuss our customer’s new opportunities.

Mid-America Manufacturing has come a long way since starting business in 1995. From a few employees and zero customers to many of each. As we go forward we will do so with the same values and hard work that has brought us this far. We will continue to search out new customers to expand our sales and add diversification to our customer base. We will continue to work hard supporting the customers that have been with us along the way. One thing is most certain – we will be challenged. We welcome that.