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Neffco security products
May 1, 2013

Neffco Technologies security products are offered exclusively by Mid-America. These quality Made In USA products are unparalleled for innovation and effectiveness.

The Watchdawg is a superior tractor air brake lock that simply replaces the standard knob. It installs in minutes and locks quickly so it's convenient to use whenever a driver leaves the cab. It works to stop semi tractor trailer theft!

The Lugdawg wheel lock is equally simple and unique. It installs over the lug nuts, so there are no installation hassles. Truck wheel theft is stopped with this product.

Email us for more information or to buy. Or call : 888-741-3113

The Lugdawg Wheel Lock is a wheel securing lug nut cover for all hub piloted wheels with M22x1.5 studs. It conveniently covers the existing lug nuts. - no removal or replacement required. Installs in minutes! Can be keyed alike for multiple trucks (fleets or dealers).
The lot security version of the Lugdawg covers just one lug nut per wheel. It was created to protect truck wheels on a dealer's lot. They can be easily moved to another truck when one sells. A counter weight is available for balance to allow extended driving with this version.
The consumer OTR version of the Lugdawg features a similar looking counter weight and chrome caps to conceal everything.
Watch Lugdawg Installation Video


Email us for more information or to buy. Or call : 888-741-3113