Neffco Security Products:
Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Trust the "Dawg" for Truck & Trailer Theft Prevention

We don’t have to tell you that theft in the commercial trucking industry continues to grow, both in the number of instances as well as the average cost for
stolen trucks, trailers and the cargo. It’s not just the value of the stolen assets but also the time, anxiety and frustration that comes with filing theft reports,
dealing with your insurance company and most importantly, getting back on the road, making money. Whether you own a fleet of trucks or you are an
independent driver, finding security products that work and are easy to use, is critical to protecting your investments.

Neffco Security Products have been designed and manufactured in the USA, to be sturdy and dependable deterrents to theft. However, security products are only effective if they are used every time. The easier they are to install and use, the more likely your drivers will always use them. The WatchDawg, JackDawg
and LugDawg are products that install easily and will be used, providing the security you are looking for.

Neffco Technologies theft security devices are easy to install and even easier to use. The easier they are to install and to use, the better it is for transportation companies and their drivers. With that in mind, Neffco Technologies began in 2003 with the WatchDawg parking brake lock. It was a better and easier solution to securing the brake release. Since then, we have added the JackDawg landing gear lock and the LugDawg truck wheel lock for even more security against theft for the commercial truck industry.

Truck Theft Prevention Device

The WatchDawg

The WatchDawg is a truck theft prevention device that provides a defense against truck theft. It simply replaces the standard knob, installs in minutes and
locks quickly so it’s convenient to use whenever a driver leaves the cab. What makes it unique is the versatility of the design allows the WatchDawg to be
used on many types of heavy-duty commercial trucks including semi-tractors, dump trucks, cement mixing trucks, panel delivery trucks and many others.
What makes it better is that it is always installed for easy, repeatable use with just the turn of a key.

Most importantly, it works to stop semi-tractor and commercial truck theft!

How It Works

The WatchDawg truck theft prevention device replaces the standard yellow parking brake knob. It installs quickly and without tools. Once installed, it stays on making it convenient to use anytime a driver leaves the cab.

Neffco Product's WatchDawg Truck Theft Prevention Device Installed Inside A Truck.

Where It Works

Much of the competition is distanced by the versatility of the WatchDawg. The big rigs were the initial target for the product, but its unique design takes it far beyond to many other trucks.

Why It Works

The WatchDawg is a proven, quality design, produced with quality materials and processes.

Installing The WatchDawg

The WatchDawg installation kit comes with everything you need to fit it to your parking brake. No tools required! Once installed, leave it on your dash for round-the-clock safety and peace of mind.

  1. Activates in seconds and is always ready.
  2. Once installed, it stays on the dash.
  3. Convenient, effective, & affordable.
Whether you own one truck, have a fleet of trucks or you are a company that provides products to the professional trucking industry, contact us today for pricing and to discuss your needs.
grabage truck
cement truck

Trailer Theft Prevention Device

The JackDawg

Add additional security and protection from having your trailer stolen and losing valuable cargo on board with the JackDawg Trailer Theft Prevention Device. The JackDawg Landing Gear Lock quickly covers and locks the landing gear handle. With the JackDawg in place, you cannot raise or lower the landing gear. The unique design makes it possible to leave the JackDawg attached to the landing gear handle whether the landing gear is up or down. You don’t have to store it and you can’t lose it.

Installing The JackDawg

JackDawg installation is a simple and easy process meant to take up as little of your time as possible. It’s an easy three step process!

  1. Remove padlock from the JackDawg.
  2. Fix JackDawg over the jack hinge. *Note: Make sure to let the pin through the hole in the JackDawg.
  3. Secure padlock to JackDawg and ensure it is locked.

Wheel Theft Prevention Device

The LugDawg

If you are looking for protection against having the wheels stolen off your Semi Tractor, your trailers, or any heavy-duty commercial truck,
the LugDawg from Neffco Technology is the unique solution for you.

LugDawg shown installed on wheel.

The LugDawg Wheel Lock is a wheel theft prevention device. It is a lug nut cover for all hub piloted wheels with M22x1.5 studs. It conveniently covers the existing lug nuts.

Construction includes a durable aluminum outer housing and plated steel inner hub nut. A 3/4″ hex bit is required to install and remove the hub nut of the LugDawg. Once installed, a lock cylinder obstructs the hex socket preventing removal. The aluminum housing simply spins freely and will not loosen the LugDawg.

The LugDawg Wheel Theft Prevention Device is the only keyed theft protection of its kind. It’s always in place, 100% effective against wheel theft and looks good too!

A Neffco Security Products LugDawg Wheel Theft Prevention Device Installed On A Wheel.

Lot Security LugDawg


The Lot Security LugDawg covers just one lug nut per wheel. It protects truck wheels from theft on a dealer’s lot. They can be easily moved from one truck to another when a truck is sold. A counterweight is available for sale and recommended for balance to allow extended driving when a customer is going for a test drive.

Over-the-Road LugDawg

A Full Package of the LugDawg Wheel Theft Prevention Device.

The OTR LugDawg kit is for permanent installation on over the road trucks. The kit includes the wheel securing nut cover, counterweight and 10 chrome caps to conceal everything.

Installing The OTR LugDawg

Over-the-Road LugDawgs install directly over your existing lugs and nuts, without the need to remove lugnuts. Once installed, you can safely drive away with the peace of mind of knowing your tires are safe. And, the OTR LugDawgs don’t have to come off the truck until the wheels do. We’ve also included a balancing module to install on the opposite lug of the tire, so it stays balanced while driving. 

Made in USA

Neffco Technologies theft deterrent products for the commercial truck and trailer industry are proudly manufactured in the USA.

OEM & Fleet Owners

Contact us to get a quote and learn more about fleet support services such as custom decaling, color options and “keyed alike” bulk purchases.

Become A Dealer

Our theft security products provide a profitable addition to the product mix for Truck Stops and Retailers serving the commercial truck industry.

Owner / Operators

Buy Neffco Technologies theft security products from a dealer near you and add another level of protection for your truck and trailer theft.

Tips to Help You Prevent Truck, Cargo & Trailer Theft

No one thinks that truck or cargo theft will happen to them, but it seems the number of stolen trucks and the amount of lost cargo increases every year. Thieves are looking for the easiest targets so the best way to reduce your risk is to make sure your semi-truck, trailer or other types of commercial trucks are the ones that pose the strongest obstacle to theft. Thieves will want to move on to easier targets.

The following ideas are meant to help you plan ahead to reduce the risk of truck theft, trailer theft and cargo theft. Some of this information will probably seem like common sense measures to prevent theft and damage to commercial trucks but it is still worth talking about.

Semi-trucks, trailers, dump trucks, deliver trucks and other types of commercial trucks are all highly visible targets for truck theft. Having an awareness of what you can do ahead of time such as planning your route, pre-determining safe locations to stop and rest, as well as having security devices installed on your truck and trailer, can bring some peace of mind that you are prepared to protect your assets and your cargo.

Leaving Your Truck Un-Attended

When you leave the cab of your truck, always lock the doors and keep your windows closed.
This is probably the most obvious, no-brainer statement we can make but think about how any times, you jump out of your truck to
make a quick pit stop and you don’t bother to lock up or even roll up the windows. You just created an easy target for truck theft. Just
take a moment and secure the cab of your truck.

Don’t leave the keys in the truck or in the ignition.
Whether you hide the keys or not, you don’t need to make it easier for a thief to steal your semi-truck and get away with the cargo on board. Truck security and theft protection begins with simple steps like taking your keys with you.

Park in well-lit areas whether at a truck stop, rest area or at the terminal.
Protecting your semi-truck, trailer and other commercial trucks means being aware of your surroundings and that begins with parking in a well-lit area of the terminal yard, truck stop, rest area or any location where you must leave your truck un-attended. Obviously, thieves do not want to be detected so they are much more likely to go after commercial trucks that are not as visible to lights, security cameras or traffic going by.

Anti-theft devices make it obvious that it’s not going to be easy to steal your commercial truck.
We are big believers in using visible Anti-theft devices such as WatchDawg air brake lock and JackDawg landing gear lock. Not only do these anti-theft devices work to protect your truck and cargo, but they are visible warnings to a thief that it won’t be easy to try.
Some other common and visible anti-theft devices include:

  • Steering wheel lock
  • Steering column collar
  • Wheel locks
  • King Pin locks for trailers

Vehicle alarms work.
Having an alarm going off when a thief tries to break into your semi-truck or trailer will fend off most thieves. Having an alarm system is great but clearly displaying decals or stickers so a thief can see that your truck is protected with a security alarm system will many times keep them from even trying to steal your cargo.

Tracking Systems are still a good investment.
So what happens if your semi-truck or trailer is stolen despite your best efforts to protect your property? Even the best plans and truck theft protection devices sometimes are not enough to keep a determined thief from taking your truck or stealing the trailer off of the truck. Having a GPS tracking system installed is a good idea. If the worst does happen, it could help you to locate your stolen truck much sooner and recover your asset. There is no guarantee, but it could make a difference and help to limit your loss.

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