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Mid-America Manufacturing offers high quality products to support professional machining and manufacturing operations. We also manufacture transportation theft security products through our sister company – Neffco Technologies.


Heavy Duty Machinist Adjustable Supports

These heavy-duty long-travel work supports are not your ordinary jack screw or fixture jack. They are the strongest and most versatile adjustable support available – capable of taking tons of pressure off your setup operators. Trial tested by various reputable heavy equipment manufactures.

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The Workpiece Spinner

This robust turntable can make even simple tasks easier and more efficient. The rugged cast iron construction and precision high-load ball thrust bearing make this a durable platform that stands up to harsh manufacturing environments.

Many user-friendly applications exist for the strong and sturdy Workpiece Spinner. Use it for deburring and inspecting parts right at the CNC machine. Keep several in your quality control rooms so inspectors can take one with them anywhere in the shop. Anywhere you have the need to rotate parts and want to reduce operator fatigue, the Workpiece Spinner can help.


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Neffco Security Products

The demand for easy-to-use safety and security products for the transportation industry is as high as it has ever been. The easier they are to install and to use, the better it is for transportation companies and their drivers. With that in mind, Neffco Technologies began in 2003 with the Watchdawg parking brake lock. It was a better and easier solution to securing the brake release. Since then, we have also added the Lugdawg truck wheel lock and the Jackdawg landing gear lock, for even more security against theft for the commercial truck industry.


The Watchdawg is a superior tractor air brake lock that simply replaces the standard knob. It installs in minutes and locks quickly so it's convenient to use whenever a driver leaves the cab.

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The Lugdawg wheel lock is a unique product that is simple to install over the lug nuts, so there are no installation hassles. Truck wheel theft is stopped with this product.

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The JACKDAWG Landing Gear Lock quickly covers and disables the handle swivel joint, preventing rotation required to raise or lower the landing gear.

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RazorGage Positioners & Optimizing Saw Systems

RazorGage positioners and saw systems are manufactured by Technical Services, Inc. the parent company for Mid-America Mfg. RazorGage products combine the best hardware components, intelligent design and powerful optimizing saw software to provide manufacturers with accurate, reliable products that increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce waste.

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Offering custom machining services since 1995.