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Casting Impregnation

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Casting Impregnation Services

Improve overall product quality, by implementing our dry vacuum-pressure impregnation process. You can enhance the quality and durability of your parts, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and reducing returns.

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Enhance Your Parts' Integrity

MAM maintains a dry vacuum-pressure impregnation process to support our machining of gear pump parts. Casting Impregnation is the process of filling the pores of porous aluminum die-castings with a sealant under pressure to stop fluids or gases from leaking under pressure. Having the capability and equipment to apply this process in-house is a great advantage to MAM’s customers, however, we offer this same impregnation process to anyone that has parts such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, brake systems, compressors and other parts that need to be leak proof. Casting Impregnation stops casting porosity and allows manufacturers to use parts that would otherwise be scrapped.

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Offering custom machining services since 1995.