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Hydrostatic Testing

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Hydrostatic Testing Services

Added in 2015, our Hydrostatic Testing Process ensures your part is leak free, and ready for pressure-tight applications.

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Pressure Integrity

Hydrostatic testing is used to test the integrity of a material used in parts such as machined components, piping systems, gas cylinders and other kinds of pressure vessels. It is much less expensive to test the integrity of a part at the time it is manufactured as opposed to having a part fail after installation is complete. For that reason, many years ago Mid-America invested in a Barbee Hydro Tester that is capable of hydrostatic shell testing at fluid pressures up to 10,000 PSI for no-leak verification of machined components for pressure tight applications. It has a 100-Ton clamping force and is capable of testing components as large as 24”W x 20”H x 12”D. MAM applies hydrostatic testing to several machined components that we make as well as offering this service to customers with parts that we did not make. Contact us to find how we can help with your quality control needs!

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Offering custom machining services since 1995.